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Adam Wong . October 08, 2014 at 21:44 pm

Our works have been selected for numerous design competitions including The 7TH International Poster Triennial in Toyama, HKDA Global Design Awards, and The [REDEFINE PACKAGE] -- International Design Contest with silver and bronze prizes. Have been widely published in international design magazines and journals.

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DATE: October 08, 2014

Brand, Packaging, Design, Graphic, Art Direction
Liu Yang He

Liu Yang He has a long history, which is the origin of Chinese strong aromatic hard liquor. It is for tasting but not drinking. We advocate the philosophy of “happy medium” in Chinese liquor drinking, namely when drinking, a little drunk is best. For the tasteful liquor, we advocate it a good way to taste it with respection, admiration, and perception of our life. It is more wine tasting than heavy drinking.

Liu Yang He 10, 30, 50 Years (alcoholicity of 60%), returning to a height of liquor in the classical one having alcoholicity of 60% and leading the liquor taste, which is designed as tasteful liquor for those who really know and love it. The degree is high but not strong, mellow taste, which demands a lot for the base body.

The project included a new logotype, color palette, patterns, signage, brand vision, packaging etcetera.

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