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.exe ISSUE 04

Known And Unknown: Handmade Designs

* 554 pages (in three volumes)
* In-depth interviews with 35 remarkable designers and design studios (in English and Chinese with pictures of their creative environment)
* Special issue Outside of Design: LEGO brick artist Nathan Sawaya
* Over 350 pieces of extraordinary handmade designs

Finding the bygone wonderland : At the end of the 20th Century, computer marked the transition from industrial revolution to technology revolution, boosting the radical advancement of many sectors. Design industry has been one of them. Design separated from art as an independent discipline, while computer applications started to substitute almost all handmade designs. Nowadays, “rarity” could be the word we use to deliver the excitement we feel as we catch sight of handmade design.

And that's why we launch Known And Unknown: Handmade Designs, the latest edition of ooogo Magazine. We sincerely hope that this handmade themed edition could bring designers back to a spiritual wonderland lost and found.

In our interview with AGI member and established Chinese designer, Han Jiaying, he mentioned a novel concept: “designs of handmade traits”. Han's philosophy of handmade design does not confine to craftsmanship.He believes that the tool of creation is not limited to computer software, rather, there are a myriad of methods in bringing creativity to life. Designs that are completed by computer but possess an obvious trace of handmade craftsmanship just fit in Han's definition of “designs of handmade traits”. Be it a handmade design or a “design of handmade traits”, they both share the following characters: sensuous touch of craftsmanship, a unique soul and uncertainties, all embedding in every piece of works. For the known and unknown elements conceived in creating a design, they might result in a piece of art, a character-driven masterpiece, or a piece of disappointing trash!

Known And Unknown: Handmade Designs has a collection of over 350 pieces of handmade designs or designs of handmade traits. It also has 35 in-depth interviews with designers and design studios from all over the world. The book size is custom-made. There are 554 pages in three volumes, with over 1200 design pictures, including fashion brands like Hermès, LV, Dior, etc. While we have interviews to disclose to our readers the concepts and back story of the designs, we also give a glance of the designers' working environment.

Each set contains 3 books / Hardcover
Colourful hardcover (silkscreen printed cover and PVC book case)
554 pages (specialty paper + coated paper)
280 X 240mm
English + Chinese

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Adam Wong . October 04, 2014 at 19:19 pm

Design and publishing has been at the core of our creative pursuit. Since 2007, we have produced over a hundred publications and design references noted for their progressively high standards in visual and editorial direction that excites the industry at international level. We've been collaborating with 27 book agents from 11 countries. Our readership hits 4.4 million people from over 60 countries and regions.

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DATE: October 04, 2014

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