ooogo LLC.

ooogo is a multidisciplinary graphic and visual communication unit, founded in 2007 by Adam Wong. We focusing on graphic and visual communication, publishing, architecture, fashion and cultural clients worldwide.

Our works have been selected for numerous design competitions including The 7TH International Poster Triennial in Toyama, HKDA Global Design Awards, and The [REDEFINE PACKAGE] -- International Design Contest with silver and bronze prizes. Have been widely published in international design magazines and journals.

Design and publishing has been at the core of our creative pursuit. Since 2007, we have produced over a hundred publications and design references noted for their progressively high standards in visual and editorial direction that excites the industry at international level. We've been collaborating with 27 book agents from 11 countries. Our readership hits 4.4 million people from over 60 countries and regions.

ooogo also runs a website, which is one of the most popular professional websites for designers in global and has the most resources of creativity, art, design and advertising. At the London AGI Open 2013 and Paris AGI Open 2017, was hailed as one of the 10 major portals for designers to keep up with AGI.

For more information, please visit our website at: